Armando di Matteo

Hello, I am an astroparticle physicist mainly working on ultra-high-energy cosmic ray phenomenology. I also used to play the electric bass guitar in a rock band called Whiskey a Go Go.

Armando di Matteo playing an electric bass guitar
Social media and academic profiles (some very outdated):
Facebook, LinkedIn, ResearchGate, INSPIRE-HEP, ORCID,, Wikipedia, Twitter

Work and education

Permanent researcher (since May 2019) at INFN Torino, Turin, Italy
Post-doctoral researcher (2016–2019) at the Service de Physique Théorique, ULB, Brussels, Belgium
PhD student (2012–2016), MSc student (2009–2012) and BSc student (2006–2009) at the Department of Physical and Chemical Sciences, University of L’Aquila, L’Aquila, Italy

Membership in scientific collaborations

Recent public talks

2021 Jul 15
Remote talk at the 37th International Cosmic Ray Conference (Berlin, Germany): UHECR arrival directions and nearby galaxies
2021 May 20
GCOS Workshop (online): The optimal declinations of a pair of SD arrays for full-sky studies
2021 Apr 14
Meeting of the Commissione Scientifica Nazionale 2 (online): Raggi cosmici di altissima energia (slides in English)
2020 Jun 26
Online seminar at INFN Torino (Turin, Italy): UHECR Common Misconceptions
2020 Mar 13
Remote talk at the COST CA18108 First Annual Conference (Granada, Spain): Common misconceptions about the physics of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays
2020 Jan 10
Talk at the 10th International workshop on Air Shower Detection at High Altitudes (Nanjing, China): UHE cosmic rays: knowns, unknowns, and possible "new physics"
2020 Jan 05
Seminar at Sichuan University (Chengdu, China): What we know and what we don’t about ultra-high-energy cosmic rays

Selected publications

Hover on the links to see the paper titles and on “et al.” to see the authors. For a complete list, see my INSPIRE-HEP profile.

Journal papers of which I am a corresponding author:
R. Alves Batista et al., JCAP 05 (2019) 006 [1901.01244]
R.U. Abbasi et al. (Telescope Array collab.), ApJL 867 (2018) L27 [1809.01573]
AdM and P. Tinyakov, MNRAS 476 (2018) 715 [1706.02534]
R. Aloisio et al., JCAP 11 (2017) 009 [1705.03729]
A. Aab et al. (Pierre Auger collab.), JCAP 04 (2017) 038 [1612.07155]
R. Alves Batista et al., JCAP 10 (2015) 063 [1508.01824]
Other journal papers with up to 10 authors:
M.D.C. Torri et al., Symmetry 12 (2020) 1961 [2110.09900]
R. Aloisio et al., JCAP 10 (2015) 006 [1505.04020]
Snowmass2021 Letter of Interest:
Establishing ultra-high-energy cosmic rays as a cutting-edge courier of the multi-messenger program
PhD thesis:
Ultra-high-energy cosmic ray phenomenology: Monte Carlo simulations and experimental data