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COMPASS publications

Readout electronics

  • M.Colantoni et al.,Fast front-end electronics for the COMPASS experiment,
    Proceedings of the "IEEE Nuclear Science Synposium", 1999
    IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci. 47 (2000) 791
  • A.Amoroso et al., The front-end electronics for the COMPASS MWPCs,
    Proceedings of the "Frontier Detectors for Frontier Physics",La Biodola (Elba) - 2003
    Nucl. Inst. Meth. A518 (2004) 495

Semiinclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering

  • A. Ferrero et al., Lambda polarization at COMPASS ,
    Proceedings of the "XLII International Winter Meeting on Nuclear Physics",Bormio - 2004
    Ricerca Scientifica ad Educazione Permanente, Supplemento N.123, 2004

Hadon-hadron Scattering

  • A. Ferrero et al., Soft hadronic interactions in the COMPASS experiment,
    Invited talk given at the "Advanced Studies Institute, Symmetries and Spin",Praha - 2004
    to be published in the Czechoslovak Journal of Physics