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Emanuele Biolcati

  • physicist and teacher
  • e-mail: cyrano.bergerac[at]gmail.com
  • mobile: +39 3498380759


Docente di Matematica e Fisica presso la scuola secondaria di secondo grado (classe A027, ex-A049)
 ⇒ Sito personale con materiale didattico: approfondimenti, slide, simulazioni di esercizi.

Presentazioni per il quinto anno:
 ⇒ Introduzione alla Fisica Moderna slides
 ⇒ Teorie della Relatività slides
 ⇒ Teoria dei Quanti slides
 ⇒ Appunti sull'algebra dei limiti slides

Dispense di approfondimento per il triennio:
 ⇒ Storia della Fisica: Galilei, Newton, Volta dispense
 ⇒ Storia della Matematica: Pitagora, Euclide, Cartesio, Eulero, Turing dispense
 ⇒ Storia della Matematica: Apollonio, Archimede, Fibonacci, Gauss, Russel dispense
 ⇒ Dimostrazione di E=mc2 dispense
 ⇒ Sul concetto di teorema dispense

Presentazioni varie extracurriculari:
 ⇒ Orale Matematica per il concorso docenti 2016 slides
 ⇒ Orale Fisica per il concorso docenti 2016 slides
 ⇒ Che cosa fanno gli scienziati? E i metrologi? slides
 ⇒ Le Simmetrie e la Natura slides
 ⇒ Matematica che terrorizza o affascina slides
 ⇒ Corso di Informatica per la terza età: diapositive e appunti

Curriculum Vitae aggiornato al 2018
Pagina web dedicata alle esercitazioni di fisica presso il corso di laurea in Chimica e Tecnologie Farmaceutiche CTF


I worked at INRIM on the absolute rise and fall gravimeter IMGC02.
In this page several macros in Gnuplot, C++ and ROOT useful for the analysis.  ⇒ My Curriculum Vitae (Italian), updated to 2014, with the list of my publications and conferences

My presentation at the International Symposium on Gravity, Geoid and Height Systems, Venice 2012: GGHS2012.pdf
Presentation for students at the University of Calabria, Arcavacata, Cosenza about the absolute gravimeter IMGC-02: IMGC02-presentation.pdf

I was involved in the ALICE SDD group of Turin, both hardware and software. I performed a systematic study on Silicon Drift Detectors (SDD) to define any systematic dependence on voltage and temperature of the module. I studied the charge loss in the detector using laser shots and cosmic rays, for different values of voltage and temperature. I was encharged on the study of the identified particle spectra, using the ALICE Inner Tracking System (ITS) in standalone mode, on the proton-proton collision data taken at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).
Here there is a list of my presentations for the ALICE collaboration

Academic career

I obtained a Ph.D. in Physics and Astrophysics (XXIII cycle at the University of Turin).
 ⇒ PhD thesis

I graduated in Nuclear Physics at the University of Turin in September 2007.
 ⇒ thesis

Presentations (pdf):
 ⇒ Slides my PhD defense PhD final presentation
 ⇒ Seminar for the end of the second PhD year
 ⇒ Short presentation about Chiral symmetry and QGP
 ⇒ Short presentation about Dark Matter and its particle interpretation
 ⇒ Short presentation about Data Analysis Techniques
 ⇒ Master degree thesis (in Italian)

Photos and tales

My hobby and my passion is analogic and digital photography, in particular black and white shots and portraits.
Sometimes I spend few hours to write short tales.
 ⇒ my photos on Flickr
 ⇒ some tales (in Italian)

Red Cross

I am a volunteer of the Youth Italian Red Cross (Pionieri).
My principal occupation is about the diffusion of the International Humanitarian Law and the First Aid.
I am also a teacher of Sexuality Education and Sexually Transmitted Diseases prevention.

Lezioni del corso di accesso per Volontari CRI:
 ⇒ Sul Movimento Internazionale di Croce Rossa slide, appunti (Lezione 1)
 ⇒ Sul Diritto Internazionale Umanitario slide , appunti (Lezione 2)

Approfondimenti vari
 ⇒ Metodi e mezzi del Combattimento slide
 ⇒ Cenni di Comunicazione Efficace slide
 ⇒ Lezione HIV e AIDS slide


My PhD friends: S. Camera, R. Nicoletti, L. Bianchi, D. Musso, F. Bossu
Weather on the roof of the Departments of Physics of Turin
Magic table for SDD: here
Photos and web spaces of my friends: Marco, Paolo, Nuccia
Magic works done by a friend of mine using the 3D graphics: web site

Unpredictable painter: Bruno
Gripping designer: Conzi
A list of palindromes
Running training program for a 10km competition in 45'
Running training program for a 21km competition in 1h49'
Running training program for a 21km competition faster than 1h30'
Running training program for a 42km competition in 3h30'

 ⇒ the page with the video and the text written by the Italian Researchers at CERN to protest against the Riforma Gelmini about the Italian University!
 ⇒ some documents about the protest against the Italian Government Reform about University Research
 ⇒ photos about the protest against the Italian Government Reform about University Research (Ricerca in Strada)

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