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Emanuele Biolcati

  • physicist or teacher
  • e-mail: cyrano.bergerac[at]
  • mobile: +39 3498380759


I worked at INRIM on the absolute rise and fall gravimeter IMGC02.
In this page several macros in Gnuplot, C++ and ROOT useful for the analysis.

My Curriculum Vitae (Italian), updated to 2015

My Curriculum Vitae (Italian), updated to 2014, with the list of my publications and conferences

My presentation at the International Symposium on Gravity, Geoid and Height Systems, Venice 2012: GGHS2012.pdf
Presentation for students at the University of Calabria, Arcavacata, Cosenza about the absolute gravimeter IMGC-02: IMGC02-presentation.pdf

I was involved in the ALICE SDD group of Turin, both hardware and software. I performed a systematic study on Silicon Drift Detectors (SDD) to define any systematic dependence on voltage and temperature of the module. I studied the charge loss in the detector using laser shots and cosmic rays, for different values of voltage and temperature. I was encharged on the study of the identified particle spectra, using the ALICE Inner Tracking System (ITS) in standalone mode, on the proton-proton collision data taken at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).
Here there is a list of my presentations for the ALICE collaboration

Academic career

I obtained a Ph.D. in Physics and Astrophysics (XXIII cycle at the University of Turin).
 ⇒ PhD thesis

I graduated in Nuclear Physics at the University of Turin in September 2007.
 ⇒ thesis

Presentations (pdf):
 ⇒ Slides my PhD defense PhD final presentation
 ⇒ Seminar for the end of the second PhD year
 ⇒ Short presentation about Chiral symmetry and QGP
 ⇒ Short presentation about Dark Matter and its particle interpretation
 ⇒ Short presentation about Data Analysis Techniques
 ⇒ Master degree thesis (in Italian)

Photos and tales

My hobby and my passion is analogic and digital photography, in particular black and white shots and portraits.
Sometimes I spend few hours to write short tales.
 ⇒ my photos on Flickr
 ⇒ some tales (in Italian)

Red Cross

I am a volunteer of the Youth Italian Red Cross (Pionieri).
My principal occupation is about the diffusion of the International Humanitarian Law and the First Aid.
I am also a teacher of Sexuality Education and Sexually Transmitted Diseases prevention.

Lezioni del corso di accesso per Volontari CRI:
 ⇒ Sul Movimento Internazionale di Croce Rossa slide, appunti (Lezione 1)
 ⇒ Sul Diritto Internazionale Umanitario slide , appunti (Lezione 2)

Approfondimenti vari
 ⇒ Metodi e mezzi del Combattimento slide
 ⇒ Cenni di Comunicazione Efficace slide
 ⇒ Lezione HIV e AIDS slide


Trainer for the cours of Physics, at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology.
 ⇒ CTF web page (exercises, formularies, info)

Presentazioni per la scuola:
 ⇒ Orale Matematica per il concorso docenti 2016 slides
 ⇒ Orale Fisica per il concorso docenti 2016 slides
 ⇒ Che cosa fanno gli scienziati? E i metrologi? slides
 ⇒ Le Simmetrie e la Natura slides
 ⇒ Matematica che terrorizza o affascina slides
 ⇒ Corso di Informatica: diapositive e appunti


My PhD friends: S. Camera, R. Nicoletti, L. Bianchi, D. Musso, F. Bossu
Weather on the roof of the Departments of Physics of Turin
Magic table for SDD: here
Photos and web spaces of my friends: Marco, Paolo, Nuccia
Magic works done by a friend of mine using the 3D graphics: web site

Unpredictable painter: Bruno
Gripping designer: Conzi
Documentation to install Root, AliRoot and AliEn in Ubuntu
A list of palindromes
Web page about Giornata sui Bambini in Guerra
Running training program for a 10km competition in 45'
Running training program for a 21km competition in 1h49'
Running training program for a 21km competition faster than 1h30'
Running training program for a 42km competition in 3h30'

 ⇒ the page with the video and the text written by the Italian Researchers at CERN to protest against the Riforma Gelmini about the Italian University!
 ⇒ some documents about the protest against the Italian Government Reform about University Research
 ⇒ photos about the protest against the Italian Government Reform about University Research (Ricerca in Strada)

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