Phenomenology of Fundamental Interactions

(A. Bottino, N. Fornengo)

* Topics of the course

 - The Standard Model

       Properties of weak interactions
       Spontaneous symmetry breaking and the origin of mass
       Higgs mechanism
       The W and Z bosons
       Electroweak processes
       Parton model and QCD
       Processes in QCD
       Coupling constants and mass scale in QCD

 - Physics of massive neutrinos: neutrino oscillations

 - Grand Unified Teories

       Motivations for grand unification and models
       From grand unification scale to weak scale
       Processes with violation of baryonic and/or leptonic numbers

 - Supersymmetry

        Motivations for supersymmetry
        Supersymmetry-breaking models
        Supersymmetric particles: properties and their role in cosmology