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Nicolo Cartiglia

Personal Information:

Nationality: Italian

Date of birth: April 12, 1964, Biella, Italy



1994: Ph.D. in Physics, UCSC, Santa Cruz, CA (USA), Advisor: Prof. A. Seiden

1989: M.S. (Laurea), University of Torino (Italy)

Current Position:

2015: Visiting research scientist, University of California, Santa Cruz

2007 - present: Senior Research Scientist, INFN, Torino (Italy)

Previous Positions:

2003 - 2004: Visiting Scientist, Stony Brook University, New York, NY (USA)

1999 - 2007: Research Scientist, INFN, Torino (Italy)

1997 - 1999: Assoc. Research Physicist, Columbia University, New York, NY (USA)

1994 - 1997: Post-Doctoral Fellow, Columbia University, New York, NY (USA)

Fellowships and Awards:

1989 - 1994: Graduate Student Fellowship, Santa Cruz, CA, (USA)

1989 - 1992: Angelo della Riccia fellowship, to promote outstanding students, Firenze (Italy)

1991: Outstanding Graduate student in Physics, Hamilton Award, Santa Cruz, CA, (USA)

Institutional Responsibilities:

2013 - present: Coordinator Significant Bilateral Project Italy-USA

2013 - present: LPCC, LHC Physics Centre at CERN, Coordinator for Forward Physics (60 people)

2011 - 2013: Project Organizer of the PPS detector, CMS at CERN, LHC (30 people)

2009 - 2010: Deputy Project Manager of the ECAL detector, CMS at CERN, LHC (300 people)

2006 - 2008: CMS-ECAL run coordinator, CMS at CERN, LHC (30 people)

2003 - 2005: Electronics Coordinator, KOPIO at BNL (30 people)

2002 - 2003: Trigger Coordinator, NA48 at CERN, SPS (10 people)

1995 - 1996: Physics Coordinator, ZEUS at DESY, HERA (30 people)

Commissions of Trust:

2013 - 2015: Representative of the researchers, INFN Torino (Italy)

2014 - present: Reviewer for Nuclear Instruments and Methods Journal

2004 - present: CMS: Member of the Conference Committee, PPS Project Office, ECAL institution board, ECAL Steering Committee, and HCAL Review panel

2003 - 2004 KOPIO: Member of the Coordination Group and Electronics Steering Committee

1995 - 1996 ZEUS: Member of the Physics Coordination Group

Member of Organizing Committee of International Conferences:

2015: Low-x Physics Conference, Sandomierz (Poland)

2015: Picosecond Workshop, Prague (Czech Republic)

2014: International Conference on Radiation Effects on Semiconductor Materials, Detectors and Devices, Florence (Italy), 30 people

2014: 2nd Workshop on Detectors for Forward Physics al LHC, Elba (Italy), 40 people

2014: Workshop on Picosecond Photon Sensor, Clermont-Ferrand  (France), 30 people

Major Collaborations and related activities:

2013 - present: RD50, CERN, Silicon Detector Development

2004 - present: CMS Experiment at CERN, LHC: Calorimeter, Silicon Tracker and Electronics

2003 - 2004: KOPIO Experiment at BNL: Electronics

1999 - 2004: NA48 Experiment at CERN, SPS: Trigger system and Electronics

1995 - 1999: ATLAS Experiment at CERN, LHC: Calorimeter and Electronics

1990 - 1996: ZEUS Experiment at DESY, HERA: Silicon tracker and Electronics

Selected Invited Seminars:

2015: UFSD and 4D tracking, Berkeley National Lab, Berkeley, (USA)

2015: UFSD and 4D tracking, Advanced Detector Seminar, SLAC, (USA)

2014: Ultra-Fast Silicon Detectors, Detector Seminar, CERN (Switzerland)

2014: Innovative Silicon Detectors, University of Geneva, Geneva (Switzerland)

2014: Picosecond Silicon Tracking, Università di Milano, Milano (Italy)

2013: pp total cross section at 2,7,8 and 57 TeV, Max Planck Institute, Munich (Germany)

2013: Total Proton-proton cross section, DESY, Hamburg (Germany)

2012: Proton-proton Total cross section at LHC, Brookhaven National Lab, NY (USA)

2008: CMS commissioning and first results, Brookhaven National Lab., NY (USA)

2004: Search for direct CP violation with the NA48 detector, Stony Brook, NY (USA)

Selected Conference Presentations:

2014: Timing with Silicon Detectors, IEEE 2014, Seattle

The design of Ultra-fast Silicon Detectors, RESMDD 2014, Florence

Ultra-Fast Silicon Detectors, Picosecond Workshop, Clearmont-Ferrand (France)

2013: Performance of Ultra-Fast Silicon Detectors, IPRD13, Siena (Italy)

2012: Proton-proton cross section at 2, 7, 8 and 57 TeV, PIC2012, Strbske Pleso(Slovakia)

2011: A new method to measure the pp cross section at LHC, Lowx2011,  Galicia (Spain)

2008: Status of the CMS electromagnetic calorimeter, TWEPP08, Naxos, (Greece)

2006: The Silicon Leading Proton Spectrometer of ZEUS, STD6, Carmel, CA (USA)

2001: The experimental status of  epsilon-prime/epsilon SLAC Summer School, CA (USA)

Teaching Activities:

2014: Scuola di Rivelatori di Villa Gualino, INFN Torino (Italy)

1998 - 2005: Elementary Particle Physics, (shared) University of Torino (Italy)

1993: Analog Electronics, Teaching Assistant, University of California Santa Cruz, CA (USA)

1988: Mathematics, High School professor, Torino (Italy)


2013 - present: CERN Tour Guide

2015: Scuola di Fisica, Torino (pdf)

2006 - 2015: European Masterclass for high school students, University of Torino, Torino (Italy)

2008 - 2013: High Energy Physics, outreach programs in middle and high schools, Milano (Italy)

Current Grants and Patents:

2015: ERC Advanced Grant

2015: Beneficiary in the call `Advanced European Infrastructures for Detectors at Accelerators`, H2020-INFRAIA

2014: Patent pending: Beam Monitor for Low Energy Hadrons in Medical applications

2014 - 2016: INFN grant for the development of UltraFast Silicon Detector

2014 - 2015: Ministero degli Esteri grant for Project of Great Scientific Relevance Italy - USA

Bibliography (Web Of Knowledge):


589 publications, h-index: 70