Selected Seminars and Conferences

Recent Seminars - Invited Talks
2020: The 1 um project - LBL detector seminar, CEA Saclay, BNL, Nikhef 1um_Cartiglia.pdf
2020: Innovative silicon sensors for future trackers,  CERN Detector Seminar (pdf) 
2019: Future Silicon trackers: 4D tracking (KEK, Tokyo Tech, Tsukuba Univ.) (pdf)
2019: Tracking particles in space and time, FNAL
2018: Tracking particles in space and time, Frascati (pdf)
2018: 4D trackers, Scuola di formazione INFN, Bologna (2h) (pdf)
2018: Timing Layers, 4D- and 5D-tracking, Helmholz Foundation Berlin (pdf)
2018: Tracking in 4Dimension, Perugia
2017: A Timing Layer for charged particles at CMS, BNL, (pdf)
2016: Fast front-end and detectors, Heltmotz foundation, Freiburg (pdf)
2016: Tracking particles in 4 dimensions, Heidelberg (pdf)
2015: Forward Physics at LHC, Cortona (pdf)
2015: Ultra-Fast Silicon Detectors for 4D tracking, Berkeley (link)
2015: Ultra-Fast Silicon Detectors for 4D tracking, University of California at Santa Cruz
2015: Ultra-Fast Silicon Detectors for 4D tracking, Advanced Detector Seminar, SLAC
2014: Ultra-Fast Silicon Detectors, Brookhaven National Lab, Columbia University
2014: Ultra-Fast Silicon Detectors, Detector Seminar, CERN  (pdf)
2014: Innovative Silicon Detectors, University of Geneva, Geneva 
2014: Picosecond Silicon Tracking, University of Milan, Milano (pdf)
2013: pp total cross section at 2,7,8 and 57 TeV, MPI, Munich  (pdf)
2013: Total Proton-proton cross section, DESY, Hamburg 
2012: Proton-proton Total cross section at LHC, Brookhaven National Lab, NY (pdf)

Recent and most Relevant Conferences 
2020: Signal formation and designed optimization of Resistive AC-LGAD (RSD), TREDI, Wien, February 2020
2019:  4D tracking systems at future hadron colliders, HSTD12, Hiroshima, Japan
2019:  N. Cartiglia, “Particle tracking at fluences between 1-10E16 n/cm2”, TREDI, Trento, February 2019
2018: Tracking particles at fluences 1E16-1E17 n/cm2, IEEE2018, Sydney (pdf)
2018: Tracking at fluences 1E16-1E17 n/cm2, vertex 2018, Chennai (pdf
2018: A parametrization of Acceptor removal Mechanism, RD50, Hamburg (pdf)
2018: Shot noise in UFSD Sensors  TREDI 2018, Munich(pdf)
2017: Tracking in 4- and 5-Dimensions HSTD11, Okinawa  (pdf) 
2017: Tracking in 4-Dimensions, EPS, Venice (pdf)
2016: The 4D pixel challenge, Picosecond workshop, Kansas, September 2016 (pdf)
2016: Tracking in 4 dimensions, Invited review talk, Pixel 2016, Sestri Levante (pdf)
2016: Timing with UFSD detectors and fast front-end, European network FAST (pdf)
2016: Tracking in 4 Dimension, Vienna Conference on Instrumentation (pdf)
2015: Tracking in 4 Dimension, PicoSecond Workshop, Prague (pdf)
2015: Topics in LGAD design, TREDI 2015, 10th Trento Workshop (pdf)
2014: Timing with Silicon Detectors, IEEE 2014, Seattle (pdf)
2014: The design of Ultra-fast Silicon Detectors, RESMDD 2014, Florence (pdf)
2014: Ultra-Fast Silicon Detectors, Picosecond Workshop, Clearmont-Ferrand (pdf)
2013: Total Proton Cross Section LISHEP 2013, Rio de Janeiro (pdf)
2013: Performance of Ultra-Fast Silicon Detectors, IPRD13, Siena (pdf)
2012: Proton-proton cross section at 2, 7, 8 and 57 TeV, PIC2012, Strbske Pleso (pdf)
2011: A new method to measure the pp cross section at LHC, Lowx2011, Galicia (pdf)
2008: Status of the CMS electromagnetic calorimeter, TWEPP08, Naxos (pdf)
2006: The Silicon Leading Proton Spectrometer of ZEUS, STD6, Carmel, CA (pdf)
2001: The experimental status of epsilon prime/epsilon, SLAC Summer School, CA (pdf)
2000: Diffraction at HERA and the TEVATRON, PIC2000, Lisbon (pdf) 
1998: Leading Baryons at HERA, LAFEX RIO98, (pdf)
1997: Leading Baryons production at ZEUS, DIS97, Chicago (pdf)