Selected Seminars and Conferences


Recent Seminars

2017 A Timing Layer for charged particles at CMS, BNL, (pdf)

2016 Fast front-end and detectors, Heltmotz foundation, Freiburg (pdf)

2016 Tracking particles in 4 dimensions, Heidelberg (pdf)

2015 Forward Physics at LHC, Cortona (pdf)

2015 Ultra-Fast Silicon Detectors for 4D tracking (Berkeley) (link)

2015 Ultra-Fast Silicon Detectors for 4D tracking (University of California at Santa Cruz)

2015 Ultra-Fast Silicon Detectors for 4D tracking (Advanced Detector Seminar, SLAC)

2014 Ultra-Fast Silicon Detectors, (Brookhaven National Lab, Columbia University)

2014 Ultra-Fast Silicon Detectors, Detector Seminar, CERN (Switzerland) (pdf)

2014 Innovative Silicon Detectors, University of Geneva, Geneva (Switzerland)

2014 Picosecond Silicon Tracking, University of Milan, Milano (Italy) (pdf)

2013 pp total cross section at 2,7,8 and 57 TeV, MPI, Munich (Germany) (pdf)

2013 Total Proton-proton cross section, DESY, Hamburg (Germany)

2012 Proton-proton Total cross section at LHC, Brookhaven National Lab, NY (USA) (pdf)

Recent and most Relevant Conferences

2016 The 4D pixel challenge, Picosecond workshop, Kansas, September 2016 (pdf)

2016 Tracking in 4 dimensions, Invited review talk, Pixel 2016 (pdf)

2016 Timing with UFSD detectors and fast front-end, European network FAST (pdf)

2016 Tracking in 4 Dimension, Vienna Conference on Instrumentation (pdf)

2015 Tracking in 4 Dimension, PicoSecond Workshop, Prague (pdf)

2015 Topics in LGAD design, TREDI 2015, 10th Trento Workshop (pdf)

2014 Timing with Silicon Detectors, IEEE 2014, Seattle (pdf)

2014 The design of Ultra-fast Silicon Detectors, RESMDD 2014, Florence (pdf)

2014 Ultra-Fast Silicon Detectors, Picosecond Workshop, Clearmont-Ferrand (pdf)

2013 Total Proton Cross Section LISHEP 2013, Rio de Janeiro (pdf)

2013 Performance of Ultra-Fast Silicon Detectors, IPRD13, Siena (pdf)

2012 Proton-proton cross section at 2, 7, 8 and 57 TeV, PIC2012, Strbske Pleso (pdf)

2011 A new method to measure the pp cross section at LHC, Lowx2011, Galicia (pdf)

2008 Status of the CMS electromagnetic calorimeter, TWEPP08, Naxos (pdf)

2006 The Silicon Leading Proton Spectrometer of ZEUS, STD6, Carmel, CA (pdf)

2001 The experimental status of epsilon prime/epsilon, SLAC Summer School, CA (pdf)

2000 Diffraction at HERA and the TEVATRON, PIC2000, Lisbon (pdf)

1998 Leading Baryons at HERA, LAFEX RIO98, (pdf)

1997 Leading Baryons production at ZEUS, DIS97, Chicago (pdf)