WeightField2 download page


28 May 2020 -  second captivity development

Latest Version: weightfield5.16.zip

New to this version:

-Implemented suggestions to reduce crashes in some linux distributions

- Now the display loads faster due to a reduced number of points used


- weightfield5.14 crashed due to a left over parameter of AC readout, now removed

  1. -fixed a bug that forced the timestep to be 0.1 ps

  2. -Added the possibility of writing the current output file choosing the time interval [expressed in GS/s, 40 GS/s = 25 ps, 100 GS/s = 10 ps..]


- fixed a big in the saving of graph.

- files are saved always in the directories sensors/data/, even if not written in the file name


Added the electronic description of FAST chip

Fixed a configuration problem with CSA

Changed the name convention: now it takes the full path when loading a specific configuration, for example

./weightfield sensors/data/FBK/W6.dat


  1. -Fixed a bug in n-in-n and p-in-p configuration for the LGAD

  2. -Fixed a few typos


  1. -When you save the data, it also saves the computed fields

  2. -When you load a configuration it also loads the computed fields.

  3. -Very preliminary version of AC sensor


Tuned the gain in the Massey model


Fixed a bug affecting the gain layer width that

was visible when changing the overall thickness of the sensor


Added support for Silicon Carbide

Fixed a bug in the computation of un-depleted Silicon


Removed multithread for potential calculation.

It caused occasional crashing


Improved calculation for deep implant

Possibility of Acceptor creation saturation


Updated list of sensors

Fixed a bug crashing the program on draw statement


- Few bugs fixed

- Introduced a tau_min for CCE


Possibility of saving a configuration and/or the graphs to file.

The default directories are



The command line:

./weightfield HPK/B35.dat

loads a 35-micron thick sensor from the folder sensors/data/HPK

- The “load” button allows loading a file

- The “save” file allows saving the parameter to a file

- The red “XXX” button means that the directory where you want to save the file does not exist.

- The red “?” button means you are overwriting an existing file


Added the option of “side MIP”


Moved the gain layer doping type in the section “gain”

Added Ga, Ga+C and B Low diffusion


Fixed a bug that caused crashing on MacOS High Sierra

Added B+C gain layer

Added Proton irradiation


Fixed a bug when asking for very small of R_input impedance

Rewritten the simulation of the BB


Bugs fixed


Selection of NA62 front-end chip

Fixed a bug in charge transfer to CSA


  1. -fixed the “rdn” position

  2. -Made user selectable the charge in MIP and Laser Uniform

  3. -Split the electronics in two frames: CSA, BB, with plots of the resolutions and ToT when running in batch mode


Introduced epi gain layer


A few fixes in the simulation of electronics (one causing crashes)

Overall system speed-up


Now 4 possibilities to choose the gain model:

- van Overstraeten - de Man Model

  1. -Massey

  2. -Okuto  Crowell

  3. -Bologna

2 different gain profile: shallow and deep (see link for details)


Moved some initializations away from WFGUI.h

that are incompatible with some Linux compilers


Possibility to choose the gain model:

- van Overstraeten - de Man Model

- Massey


Implemented temperature dependence according to the Canali parametrization


Fixed the effect of B field on the e-h drift

(Thank you Junki!)


Fixed a bug in holes multiplication


  1. -fixed a bug that caused crashing when writing out files

  2. -changed the CSA simulation according to Rivetti’s CMOS book


  1. -Changed the doping profile  of the gain layer to match experimental data

  2. -Introduced temperature dependance of gain

  3. -fixed a few bugs


  1. -Fixed a problem connected to the writing to file


- fixed a problem with under-depleted silicon

- fixed a problem in Initial doping removal


- fixed a problem in the p-on-p and p-in-n configurations


- Fixed a few graphic issues


- The gain is generated according to the impact ionization model

  1. -Introduced initial Acceptor and Donor removal

  2. -Introduced p-doping creation by radiation

  3. -variable grid size

  4. -fixed a few bugs


User defined beta coefficient in irradiation CCE


Removed L dependence, it is not right yet..

Fixed a bug in the mobility expression

weightfield3.33.zip Do not use!

Memory leak checks, few small bugs fixed

weightfield3.31.zip Do not use!

Added detector Inductance L


Added a plot on dV/dt for the electronics part

Reduced memory leaks (still present though...)


Bug fixes... :-(


- Double Junction parametrization

- Visualization of the doping profile


- Graphics

  1. -New menu to select particles:

  2. -Added the option of: Edge TCT

  3. -Added the option of: X-Ray


- Fixed some initialization parameters

  1. -Changed the graphs displayed in batch mode

  2. -Added selectable BB input impedance


- Graphic improvements

  1. -Fixed a bug in the current holes for the Landau case

  2. -


Changed the position of the control button to allow smaller screen to see them.

-Added the possibility to compute Charge Trapping effects according to the input fluence. The explanation can be found in CCE.pdf


Disabled the progress bar: found a problem that was causing crashing in certain computers.


Fixed a bug in the Fixed Gain with alpha

Added additional information in the console terminal


Fixed a bug in the gain multiplication at very low field


Added the possibility of reading the backplane electrode


Slightly smaller vertical size, to fit into smaller screens


Fixed a bug in the option of Landau with fixed amplitude


A few fixes in initializations of the variables, and a restyling of the console output.


A bug fix in the computation of the charge cloud effects

Various graphic improvements


Possibility of visualizing the e/h motion and turning on space charge effects

Removed the options `no 1D` and `no 2D` plots

Earlier Versions:


  1. 1.Various computational improvements

  2. 2.Works with Mac OS10.10 and Root 6 (use Makefile_MacOS10.10_root6)

  3. 3. Mac OS 10.9 and Root 5 (use Makefile)

  4. 4. Possibility to have multiple particles per event

  5. 5.All current points are now written in the output file Fixed Oscilloscope RC

  6. 6. Starting parameters are now set using the file Parameters.dat

  7. 7. Fixed Normalization for Alpha signals

  8. 8. Updated simulation of CSA, BB and scope

  9. 9. Added option for fixed gain

  10. 10. Added selectable Shaper Noise and Trans-imp

  11. 11. Fixed a bug in "Landau with fixed amplitude"

  12. 12. Inserted additional controls for electronics

  13. 13. Inserted Current pulse as input option, for Calibration

  14. 14. Amplitude of Landau uses equation found in: S. Meroli, D. Passeri and L. Servoli 11 JINST 6 P06013

  15. 15. Inserted in the output file a first line with explanation

24 June 2020 - WF2-RSD

Latest version: weightfield_5.15_RSD_1.zip

New to this version:

- Added the DC current

- Changed the current calculation loop, now much faster