The Torino Collider phenomenology group

InFN Project PPPP


The research group PPPP (Precision Physics for Particle Phenomenology) works on the physics of present and future high energy colliders. We focus on the high precision studies and Montecarlo simulations necessary for the study of fundamental interactions. In particular, we work on electroweak and Higgs physics at LHC, electroweak symmetry breaking, multiparton interactions, all-order structure of infrared divergences in gauge theories, B physics and the precision determination of the CKM mixing matrix.

PPPP is a collaboration between the Torino branch of INFN and the Physics Department of the University of Torino. It is one of the partners of the EU Initial Training Network HiggsTools. Please refer to the homepages of the staff members for further information.


HIGH precision studies at colliders


Sandro Ballestrero (senior INFN fellow)

Paolo Gambino (coordinator)

Lorenzo Magnea

Ezio Maina

Giampiero Passarino

Sandro Uccirati

Alberto Guffanti

Kristopher J. Healey

Paolo Torrielli


Dante Bigi

Raquel Gomez Ambrosio