Creation of Single Photon Centers in Diamond and SiC by Irradiation

Ohshima Takeshi
(Japan Atomic Energy Agency)

Defect engineering using irradiation such as electrons and ion beams is one of the interesting topics. We study nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers in diamonds, especially from the point of view of the creation methods of NV centers using accelerators. If 15N (natural abundance is only 0.37 %) ions are implanted into diamonds, we can distinguish NV centers created from implanted N (15N) or from residual N (14N) in diamond by measurement of optically detected magnet resonance (ODMR). In the presentation, the study of the creation yield of NV centers using 10 MeV-15N ion microbeams will be introduced. The coherence time (T2) of NV centers created in 12C enriched CVD diamonds by N implantation will be presented. Exploring of single photon centers in SiC will be also introduced.

Friday, 8 March 2013, at 10:00, Aula Wataghin

Marzia Nardi /
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