Flavour-physics signatures of a non-standard Higgs and new physics in $b \to (u,c) \tau \nu$ transitions

Martin Jung

Incorporating the full Standard Model gauge symmetry into the effective field theory description of flavour processes can yield additional constraints, depending on the dynamics triggering electroweak symmetry breaking. Interestingly, this implies that flavour experiments are capable of shedding light upon the nature of the Higgs boson without actually requiring Higgs final states. As paradigmatic examples semileptonic processes are considered. Furthermore, a comprehensive analysis of scalar effects in b->c tau nu processes is presented including the latest results, highlighting possibilities to distinguish this new physics scenario from others like a modification of the SM coupling. We also analyze scalar contributions in b->u tau nu transitions, including the latest measurements of B->tau nu, providing predictions for Lambda_b->p tau nu and B->pi tau nu decays.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017, at 14:30, Aula Fubini

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