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  • E. Boos
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  • A. Denner
  • S. Dawson
  • H. Eberl
  • W. Hollik
  • S. Jadach
  • R. Kleiss
  • M. Mangano
  • C. Papadopoulos
  • M. Rebelo
  • E. Richter-Was
  • T. Riemann
  • K. Yoshimasa
About Turin
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Università di Torino - Dip. di Fisica Teorica
INFN Sezione di Torino
Via Giuria 1, I-10125 Torino; Italy

Third Graduate School in
Physics at Colliders
From twistors to Monte Carlos
January 7-11, 2008
A. Denner: Reduction of multiparticle one-loop integrals and amplitudes
T. Gehrmann: Techniques for Higher Order QCD Calculations
C. Grojean: Beyond the Higgs: new ideas on electroweak symmetry breaking
F. Maltoni: Monte Carlo techniques
G. Travaglini: Twistor-inspired methods in perturbative gauge theory (and gravity)
D. Zeppenfeld: Higgs Physics at the LHC
The school will take place at the Einaudi Hall in the Torino Incontra Conference Centre, Via Nino Costa 8, near the center of town.
Participants and Hotel reservations
Program, schedule and lecture notes.
No fee will be required
Students associated with the nodes of the HEPTOOLS network will be granted room and lunches at no cost. Travel expenses and any additional costs will have to be borne by their home institutions.
No support is available for students not associated with the network. Single/Double rooms are Euros 60/105 per night.
Deadline for applications is November 15, 2007.
Applications can be submitted until November 30 but in this case partecipants are required to find an accomodation on their own.
An on-line application form is available.
You may take a look at a map of the area.

Sponsored by the European Commission (contract MRTN-CT-2006-035505).

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