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The course aims at bringing students closer to the use of basic numerical methods for solving various numerical problems they encounter in their studies. The implementation of the various algorithms will be discussed using physics problems introduced in the previous courses. Significant part of the course is devoted to the solution of ordinary differential equations (ODE), both as initial value problems (IVP) as well as boundary value problems (BVP).

We will employ C++ as our programming language. Course requisites may  be found here.

Lectures (A.A. 2022-2023)

Lectures will be held in presence (Thursdays and Fridays from 10:30-13:30), exception made for particular circumstance where we may use the WebEx platform:

Each lecture is divided into i) a theoretical/explanatory section where numerical algorithms will be illustrated in detail following .pdf slides alternated by ii) a number of practice sessions in which students will be dealing with the practical implementation of the algorithm on their own pc. During the practice sessions, I will supervising and be available for question / clarifications.

Overlapping with other courses: students having overlapping lectures with other classes should inform and let me know. Missed lectures should be recovered as soon as possible (from the video-recording), including the (correct) practice session.

Recorded Lectures:

Homework Assignement & Course Evaluation

At the end of Chapters 3, 5, 7 and 9 homeworks will be assigned. This will contribute to the base grade, assigned at the end of the course. Homeworks must be uploaded at the following link. Please do not send them via email. The deadline is (maximum) 14 days after the assignement date. The filename should be named “surname_excercise.cpp” (! do not use white space, neither upper case. Only lowe-case !). As an example, if your last name is “Rossi" and the requested excercise is ‘factorial' then the file name will be   rossi_factorial.cpp.

Students may also optionally decide to carry out an individual project to improve the base grade. Project must be completed no later than Sep, 15th 2022. Terms of delivery and the full list of home-projects can be found here. Project evaluation will take place following this page.

PDF documents for homeworks / projects are best created using LaTex. If you’re new to it, you can download this basic LaTex template. After download, you can unpack it using the command tar xzvf template.tgz  from the terminal.

Online Course Material

Full Lectures, in pdf format, are available:

Additional Material

Useful Links

Here you can find some external links on C++ and gnuplot.

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