on Correlations in Reactions and Continuum
TORINO - Italy 6-8 September 2010

The Japan-Italy joint workshop entitled "Japan-Italy EFES workshop on correlations in reactions and continuum" will be held in Torino on September 6-8, 2010. With the advent of active researches in exotic nuclei, theoretical developments have been made towards understanding the dynamics of strongly interacting nucleons in bound and continuum states. The importance of correlated motion and the role of the tensor interaction have been emphasized to elucidate the structure of exotic nuclei including those near drip lines. The response of exotic nuclei has also been studied to explore a possible type of excitations like a pygmy dipole resonance as well as electroweak strength in continuum.

The aim of this meeting is to bring together Japanese and Italian physicists for discussing many of these recent developments and promoting future collaborations as well.

Topics to be discussed include:

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