A Fortran program for estimating reactions in collision between Heavy Nuclei

by Aage Winther
The Niels Bohr Institutet Belgdamsvej 17, COPENHAGEN (Denmark)


GRAZING_9 is an interactive Fortran program that evaluates the reactions to be expected in a collision between two heavy nuclei at moderate bombarding energies. It calculates the cross section for the distribution in mass and charge, kinetic energy and excitation energy of the two scattered nuclei. It also calculates the cross section leading to capture including coupled channel effect in the tunneling of the fusion barrier. It uses the NAG library Mark 18.

To download the EXE

Here you find the zipped tar file that contains the executable of the GRAZING program that should run on any LINUX (there is a version at 32bits and one at 64bits).
To install unzip and untar the file in any location of your choice, there you find the grazing_9 (the exe files at 32bits and the one at 64bits) and a directory data containing all the file needed by GRAZING.
To run the program you MUST first define the enviromental variable GRAZING_DIR that refer to the data directory. In the bash shell:

 (Place these lines in .bash_profile)

Let me know if it does not wotk

To download FULL

Here you find the zipped tar file that contains the program: grazing_9 (393 Kb - June 2002). Notice this is the last version with quite few upgrades done by myself so the mistakes rest on me and not on the author. If you have problems please do not esitate to contact me (see at the bottom).

Instruction to install the program.

 This distribution of GRAZING_9 has been tested to run both on 
 LINUX (redhat 6.2) and on ALPHA (Compaq TRU64-UNIX). The program uses the 
 NAG library (Mark 18).

 Copy the .gz file in the directory you want to place grazing_9. Then
 issue the following commands to unzip and untar the file:

  >gunzip grazing.tar.gz
  >tar xvf grazing.tar

 After these operations you have a new directory grazing that contains all
 the relevant files for grazing_9 and three (3) subdirectories:

   grazing/doc      contains some documentation about the program
   grazing/pg       contains the plotting program gzp2. You may find it 
                    usefull, otherwise just discart it.
   grazing/examples contains few scripts for running grazing_9. There is 
                    also e file .inp for plotting with gzp2.

  Now follows these steps to satisfy the local setting and the architecture
  you are interested in:


  1 - grazing_file.icl
      modify the file according to you local setting (use the full path name).
      The files referred contain informations about exces masses of the nuclei
      and the energy and strenght of the low lying states

  2 - makefile
      modify the file to satisfy your local setting for the NAG library
      and other global definitions like compiler and the use of other
      routines. Notise that these corrections appear at the beginning of
      the file and at the end.

  3 - issue the command 
      If everithing is correct you should have the file grazing_9 that
      contains the executable.

  4 - Make sure you have installed on your machine the graphical PGPLOT 
      library. Go to the subdirectory pg. Modify the script flpg to satisfy 
      yout local setting and then issue the command:
       >flpg gzp2
      You should have the plotting program gzp2

  5 - Go to the subdirectory examples, modify the file bd_com 
      and fus_com to satisfy your local setting

  6 - Execute both scripts. You should have two new files .dat containing the
      fusion cross sections and the barrier distribution

  7 - issue the following command
      a new window should appear on the screen with the
      excitation function and the barrier distribution you just calculated.
      To close the window pres a C_RET from the command screen.
      If you feel satisfied with gzp2 you may learn  more about it consulting
      the page: http:/

For any problems please send mail to