revision of necessary material (complex numbers, waves, Maxwell's equations, light)

Mechanics-some famous experiments, wave-particle duality

Some probability theory

Postulates and examples

The Schrodinger equation

Observables, eigenfunctions, eigenvalues, degeneracy

Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle

Atoms, wave packets

Potential wells, the SHO (simple harmonic oscillator), H atom, scattering problems,
quantum tunnelling, many examples

Conservation laws, AM and spin, some perturbation theory

CG coefficients and some simple atomic spin states.

TEXTS Schiff, Schaum, Messiah, almost any elementary QM text. Lots of free material on
the internet. I will email you a lot of material.

LECTURES start October 4th 2016.
Tuesdays 4-6pm aula Avogadro (floor 3),
Thursdays 4-6pm aula G (floor -1),
Fridays 3-5pm, aula D (floor -1),
at the Physics Dept, via Pietro Giuria 1, till about the end of November.

EXAMS Written, with some choice, in January and February 2017.

Previous written exams

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