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Born in April 1983, I lived in Polverara up to January 2008, when I moved to Torino for my Ph.D. studies.

At about twelve my interest for Astronomy grew, but in a few years I realized that performing measurements was not my main aim. So I shifted to Cosmology.

The Liceo began and, having no knowledge of calculus, passed five literary years. There were many subjects worth spending an entire life: mine would have been used to understand "how things work", as I used to say when I was a young child.

Therefore, after the Liceo, I began to study Theoretical Physics, of which Cosmology is (or should be) a consequence.

Since, nowadays, the main question in Theoretical Physics seems to be "What is gravity?", my (quite far) goal would be to understand, at least, how the gravitational interaction acts.

For this reason, my main interest at the moment is Supergravity: it is important by itself, being the most likely extension of the Standard Model up to scales intermediate between the Electroweak and the Planck masses, and because of the non-trivial connection with Cosmology and Phenomenology of Elementary Particles.

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