Silicon detectors for dual energy X-ray medical imaging

The project is intended to the development of an X-ray detecting system for dual-energy medical imaging applications.
Dual-energy techniques are based on the collection of two images of the same object at two different X-ray energies, thus allowing to increase the contrast of the interesting details in some medical examination such as mammography and coronary angiography. Since image post-processing capabilities are required to fully exploit the advantages of the double energy, a digital detecting system is best suited for such applciation.
The detecting system is based on silicon microstrip detectors and full-custom ASICs for single-photon counting. It is intended to be used with a compact source which provides quasi-monochromatic X-ray beams in the energy range between 10 and 40 keV featuring Bragg diffraction of photons from a W anode X-ray tube on a highly-oriented mosaic crystal.

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