Electroweak corrections to Higgs production in gluon fusion

The discovery of the Higgs boson at the LHC is one of the milestones in the establishment of fruitful synergies between high precision theoretical prediction and experimental measurement. It started an on-going program that aims for the prediction and measurement of its properties at record precision and hopefully yields direct or indirect evidence for new physics beyond the Standard Model. One key ingredient for accessing the properties of the Higgs is the theoretical prediction of its total cross-section in the dominant production channel gluon-fusion which is known with a theoretical uncertainty of only 5%. Half of this uncertainty is purely due to unknown mass effects and understanding them will double the accuracy of our theoretical prediction.

The NLO effects of weak gauge-bosons in the gluon-fusion Higgs production cross-section were estimated by an unphysical infinite boson-mass approximation which results in a 1% uncertainty due to the unknown aforementioned mass effects. The reduction of this uncertainty involves the computation of massive 2-loop 4-point integrals, which are notoriously difficult to compute in a traditional framework of loop-integrals.

Wednesday 25th November 2020, ore 14:30 — Zoom seminar