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Presentations PPT

Home Academic Career Personal Life Books and Publications Presentations PPT Didattica Literature Journalism

   In the last ten years I have given several colloquia in various occasions and to various audiences aimed at popularizing science.  Many of them were given as PowerPoint Presentations which can be downloaded by the interested visitor of this site.

Negli ultimi dieci anni ho tenuto molte conferenze divulgative e presentazioni varie, in sedi accademiche e non. Molte furono fatte come presentazioni PowerPoint e di queste il visitatore interessato del website può fare il download

Popularizing Science: (you can download the ppt-file or browse the web-version when present.) DIVULGAZIONE SCIENTIFICA

  1. Colloquium on Duality and M-Theory (Como 1997): web version
  2. Mtheory  Colloquium for High School students given in Torino 1998: web version
  3. Che cos'é la supersimmetria? Colloquium given at the School of Scientific Journalism in Trieste 1996 web version
  4. L'Universo Meraviglioso e la Relatività Generale Colloquium for High School students 2004 web version
  5. La teoria delle stringhe ha 40 anni (Colloquium alla domus galileiana, Pisa 2005)
  6. L'avventura delle superstringhe (Masterclass per insegnanti 2007, Torino)

Here follows the presentations of some professional Lectures and seminars given at various times in various locations


  1. Introduction to GR for Virgo experimentalists   Lectures periodically given at Virgo site  web version
  2. Lectures on Supergravity gaugings and other tools for brane physics (Paris 2001, Institut Poincaré) web version
  3. Kiev lecture: Introduction to gauge gravity correspondence Lecture given at Kiev, Ukraine April 2002 web version
  4. Lectures at Dubna on Solvable Algebras and Cosmology Lectures given at Dubna, Russian Federation, JUly 2003 web version
  5. Bonn Lectures on Solvable algebras and Supersymmetry Lectures given in Bonn January 2002 web version
  6. Cosmic Billiards, (Corfu 2005)
  7. Cosmic Billiards and String dualities: an overlook (Pisa 2006, Milano 2007)
  8. Free Differential Algebras and Supergravity (Talk at 30 years of supergravity Paris, Oct. 2006)
  9. Twisted Tori: a no go theorem (Talk at Vietri April 2006)
  10. Dubna Lectures on cosmic billiards 2007
  11. Talk on FDAs at 30 years of Supergravity, Paris October 2006
  12. Talk on pure spinors and FDAs Dubna 2007
  13. Talk: The arrow of time and the Weyl group. Trieste SISSA Oct.2007
  14. Talk: Lebedev Institute Moscow 2011
  15. Talk: Sternberg Institute Moscow 2011
  16. Talk: MGU (Moscow State University) 2011
  17. Talk: Colloqium Torino 2013
  18. Talk: Stekhlov Mathematical Institute Moscow 2011
  19. Talk: Dubna September 2013
  20. Talk Dubna July 2013