Recent Conferences


IWORID 2023, Oslo, June 2023

111) T. Croci et al., Advances in the TCAD modelling of non-irradiated and irradiated Low-Gain Avalanche Diode sensors

42th RD50 Workshop, Tivat, June 2023

110) V. Sola et al., Characterisation of the EXFLU1 batch from FBK

13th Workshop on Picosecond Timing Detectors – FAST 2023, La Biodola, Isola d'Elba (Italy)

109) V. Sola et al., Thin Silicon Sensors for Precise Timing at Very High Fluences

18th Trento Workshop in Advanced Silicon Radiation Detectors, March 2023

108) F. Siviero et al., Spatial resolution of FBK RSD2 sensors measured at the DESY beam test facility

41th RD50 Workshop, Sevilla, November 2023

107) T. Croci et al., A two-prong approach to the simulation of DC-RSD: TCAD and Spice

IEEE/NSS 2022, Milan, November 2022

106) T. Croci et al., A two-prong approach to the simulation of DC-RSD: TCAD and Spice

Inter. Workshop on e+e- collider, October 2022

105) M. Ferrero, Low-gain Avalanche diode fro 4D tracking

IWORID 2022, Riva Del Garda, June 2022

104) M. Ferrero, Resistive Read-out in silicon detectors

103) T. Croci et al., TCAD optimization of LGAD sensors for extremely high fluence applications

40th RD50 Workshop, CERN, June 2022

102) M. Ferrero et al. Guard-ring design optimization in thin UFSD

15th Pisa Meeting, La Biodola, CERN, Isola d'Elba May 2022

101) T. Croci et al., TDevelopment and test of innovative Low-Gain Avalanche Diodes for particle tracking in 4 dimensions

17th (Virtual) Trento Workshop in Advanced Silicon Radiation Detectors, March 2022

100) F. Siviero et al., First Experimental results of the spatial resolution of RSD pad arrays

99) M. Tornago et al.,   Characterisation of UFSD4 production  by FBK

98) M. Ferrero et al. , Characterization of Trench-Isolated LGADs before and after irradiation

97) L. Menzio et al., DC-coupled resistive silicon detectors for 4-D tracking

96) N. Cartiglia et al., Spatial and temporal resolutions of sensors belonging to the second FBK RSD production

Vienna Conference on Instrumentation 2022 (VCI2022), Wien (virtual), February 2022

95) N. Cartiglia et al., 4D-tracking, LGADs, and fast timing detectors

94) V. Sola et al., Present and future development of thin silicon sensors for extreme fluences

93) F.Siviero et al., "First experimental results of the spatial resolution of RSD pad arrays  read out with a 16-ch board

39th RD50 Workshop, Valencia, November 2021

92) N. Cartiglia et al.,  Topics in LGAD designs

91) M. Mandurrino, RSD2, the new production of AC-LGADs at FBK

90) M. Ferrero, A summary of the radiation resistance of carbonated gain implants

IEEE/NSS November 2021

89) V. Sola et al., First results from thin silicon sensors irradiated to extreme fluence

TWEPP 2021, Topical Worshop on Electronics for Particle Physiscs September 2021

88) R. Arcidiacono et al., High-accuracy 4D particle trackers with Resistive Silicon Detectors (AC-LGADs)

87) A. Rojas, FAST2: a new family of front-end ASICs to readout thin Ultra-Fast Silicon detectors

107° Congresso Nazionale SIF (virtual), September 2021

86) M. Tornago, Rivelatori al silicio per misure di tempo

Workshop on Pico-Second Timing Detectors, Zurich, September 2021

85) N. Cartiglia et al., Recents advancements in UFSD performances”,  

XXXII International Seminar of Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics “Francesco Romano”, June 2021

84) M. Tornago et al., Ultra-Fast Silicon Detectors for CMS Phase II upgrade, ,

38th RD50 Workshop, CERN (virtual), June 2021

83) L. Menzio et al., Principle of operation of an innovative new sensor for neutron detection based on resistive AC coupled LGAD

82) F. Miserocchi, A new testing system for multipad RSD sensors based on a a new FAST ASIC

TIPP 2021, Vancouver, May 2021

81) M. Tornago et al., Performances of the latest FBK UFSD production

80) F.Siviero et al. "Exploiting the distributed signal in Resistive Silicon Detectors (RSD, AC-LGAD) to achieve micron-level spatial resolution

79) M. Fferrero et al., Caracterization of FBK carbonated gain implants in Ultra Fast Silicon Detectors (UFSD) pre- and post-irradiation

TREDI February 2021

78) M. Ferrero, A summary of the radiation resistance of carbonated gain implants

IEEE/NSS Boston, November 2020

77) V. Sola, First results from thin silicon sensors for extreme fluences”,  

76) M. Tornago et al. First combined laser and beam test data analysis of the spatial and timing resolutions of Resistive AC-Coupled Silicon Detectors

75) F.Siviero et al. , First application of a machine learning algorithm to the distributed signals of Resistive Silicon Detectors

RD50 36th Workshop, June 2020

74) V. Sola, Fluence profiling at JSI TRIGA reactor irradiation facility

73)  M. Tornago et al., Latest results on Resistive AC-Coupled Silicon Detectors (RSD) spatial and temporal resolution

72) F.Siviero et al., "Position reconstruction using machine learning algorithms applied to Resistive Silicon Detectors

TREDI, Wien, February 2020

71) N. Cartiglia, Signal formation and designed optimization of Resistive AC-LGAD (RSD)

70) J. Olave,  FAST: a front-end readout ASIC for picosecond time resolution applications with UFSD

69) F. Siviero The use of thermal cameras as a diagnostic tool in the qualification of LGAD designs

68) V. Sola, Silicon Sensors for Extreme Fluences

Hiroshima Conference HSTD12 Hiroshima, December 2019

67) N. Cartiglia, 4D tracking systems at future hadron colliders

66) R. Arcidiacono, State-of-the-art and evolution of UFSD sensors design at FBK.

IEEE/NSS, 2019, Manchester, November 2019

65) M. Mandurrino

64) R. Arcidiacono

Vertex 2019, Croatia, October 2019

63) V. Sola,  Next-Generation Tracking System for Future Hadron Colliders

62) F.Siviero et al. ,High performance 4D tracking with 100% fill-factor and very fine pitch Silicon detectors

IPRD19, Siena

61) M. Costa, Precision Timing with Low Gain Avalanche Detectors in the CMS MTD Endcap Timing Layer

60) M. Ferrero Evolution of the design of Ultra Fast Silicon to cope with high irradiation fluences and fine segmentation

TREDI, Trento, February 2019

59) N. Cartiglia, “Particle tracking at fluences between 1-10E16 n/cm2”

58) R. Arcidiacono “UFSD Silicon detectors for the CMS timing layer”

57) M. Ferrero, “Studies of the acceptor removal mechanism in UFSD irradiated with protons and neutrons”

56) V. Sola “Studies of FBK and HPK UFSD sensors”

RD50, CERN, Nov. 2018

55) M. Tornago “Performances of the third UFSD production at FBK”

54) M. Ferrero “Development in Radiation hardness study on the third FBK production of UFSD”

53) N. Cartiglia “Evolution of the working conditions and time resolution of UFSD sensors during the HL-LHC lifetime”

52) F.Siviero et al. "Laboratory Measurements of FBK Trench-Isolated LGADs in Torino

IEEE/NSS, 2018, Sydney, November 2018

51) J. Olave, “Development of front-end readout electronics for high time resolution measurements with UFSD”

50) F. Fausti, “Characterization of a Silicon detector and front end electronics prototype for single ion discrimination in hadrotherapy”

49) N. Cartiglia, “Tracking at fluences above 1E16 n/cm2”

IFAE 2018

48) F.Siviero Sviluppo di Rivelatori UFSD per Tracciamento in 4 dimensioni

Vertex 2018, Chennai, October 2018

47) A. Staiano,”Fast Timing and 4D tracking with UFSD detectors”

46) N. Cartiglia, “Particle tracking at fluences above 1E16 n/cm2”

SIF 104 Congresso, September 2018

45) M. Tornago, Sviluppo di Ultra-Fast Silicon Detectors per il tracciamento in 4D ad HL-LHC: misure di laboratorio e simulazioni numeriche

ICHEP, 2018, Seul, July 2018

44)V. Sola, “Fast Timing Detectors towards a 4-Dimensional Tracking”

RD50, Hamburg, June 2018

43) M. Ferrero  "Effects of protons and neutrons irradiations”

42) N. Cartiglia, “A parametrization of the acceptor removal mechanism”

FEE2018,  Jouvence, May 2019

41) J. Olave, “CMOS sensors in 110nm”

Picosecond workshop, Torino, May 2018

40) V. Sola, “ 'Low-Gain Avalanche Diodes for Precision Timing in the CMS Endcap”

39) N. Cartiglia, “The Weightfield2 simulation program”

TREDI, Munich, February 2018

38) M. Mandurrino, “Resistive AC-Coupling: a new read-out paradigm in with Ultra-Fast Silicon Detectors

37) R. Arcidiacono,

36) N. Cartiglia, “Shot noise in UFSD Sensors”

Hiroshima Conference HSTD11 Okinawa, December 2017

35) N. Cartiglia, “Tracking in 4- and 5-Dimensions”

34) V. Sola, “New FBK UFSD production”

IEEE Atlanta, October 2017

33) F. Fausti, “A high rate silicon detector and front-end electronics prototype”

32) M. Mandurrino,  “Numerical Simulation of Charge Multiplication in UFSD”

31) M. Ferrero, “Development in the productions of UFSD sensors”

30) M. Ferrero, “Ultra-Fast Silicon Detectors”, poster (pdf)

IWFLC, October 2017

29) R. Arcidiacono, “Development of Ultra-Fast Silicon Detectors for 4-D tracking”

PSD17, September 2017

28) A. Staiano “Tracking in 4-dimensions”

Vertex 2017, September 2017

27) M . Obertino “Silicon sensor technology with timing”

TWEPP, Santa Cruz, September 2017

26) R. Arcidiacono, “Beam test results of the TOFFEE chip”

25) F. Fausti, “The read-out chip for CMS Timing Layer”

EPS, Venice, June 2017:

24) N. Cartiglia, “Tracking in 4-dimensions”

103° congresso nazionale della SIF, 2017

23) F.Siviero "Ultra-Fast Silicon Detector"

RD50, Warsaw, June 2017

22) M. Mandurrino, “TCAD simulation of silicon detectors: A validation tool for the development of LGAD”

21) V. Sola, :Laboratory measurements and progress in LGAD design”

LHCb upgrade,  La Biodola, May 2016

20) M. Obertino, “Properties of UFSD sensors”

TREDI 2017, Trento,  February 2016

19) N. Cartiglia, “Properties of LGAD”

18) J. Olave, “The design of the TOFFEE chip”

17) M. Ferrero, “Measurements on LGAD sensors”

RD50, CERN, November 2016

16) Mulargia, “Temperature dependence of LGAD response”

15) Ferrero, “Laboratory measurement of LGAD”

IEEE 2016, Brussels, October 2016

14) A. Staiano, “Properties of UFSD”

13) F. Cenna, “The TOFFEE chip”

TWEPP 2016, Karlsuhe

12) F. Cenna, TOFFEE

Picosecond Workshop, Kansas City, September 2016

11) N. Cartiglia, “4D tracking”

10) R. Arcidiacono, “UFSD properties”

PIXEL 2016, Sestri Levante, September 2016

9) N. Cartiglia, “Tracking in 4 Dimensions”

8) R. Mulargia, “Ultra Fast Silicon Timing Detectors: Status and future development”

Elba Workshop in FWD physics

7) V. Sola, “UFSD for CT-PPS tracking”

IPRD16, Siena

6) V. Sola, “Development of UFSD detectors for 4D tracking”

VCI 2016, Vienna, October 2016

5) N. Cartiglia, “Tracking in 4D”

4) R. Arcidiacono, “A new timing detector for the CT-PPS project”

3) B. Baldassarri, “Temperature dependance of UFSD”

RD50, Torino, June 2016

2) N. Cartiglia, “Design consideration on thin LGAD sensors”

TREDI 2016, Paris, February 2016

1) N. Cartiglia, “Tracking in 4 Dimensions”

Earlier conferences not listed

First presentation on Ultra-Fast SIlicon  Detectors: RD50 20th, Bari 2012

0) H. Sadrozinski, A. Seiden, N. Cartiglia "Ultra-Fast Silicon Detectors", (pdf)